Spring to Life       

A healthy, playful and juicy transformational lifestyle retreat

to nourish your heart, mind, body and spirit to

start living a limitless life

  Yoga  -  Meditation  -  Shamanic Breathwork  -  Nutritional Habits 

           Massage   -  Energy work  -  Partner Dance  -  Medicine Movement          
Ecstatic Dance  -  Holistic Lifestyle  -  Fitness
Fire & Cacao Ceremonies

Plant Medicines

...and more 


March  14th  - 19th   2021

A 5 day immersion in a sanctuary to transform, recreate and redefine
your lifestyle

holistic approach

Tzununa  -  Lake Atitlan  -  Guatemala

Located at the beautiful sanctuary
Casa CobAnanda 


Why is this retreat meant for
your spirit ?

In Springtime, we wake up, opening up our hearts. It is a time of new beginnings; everything is fresh, clean and striving to grow upward towards the sun. In spring, we transition from an introverted state to a state of physical and spiritual blossoming and transformation. Spring brings back the power of light; the light that transforms us. It is a time of fertilizing, watering our spirits, and unfolding the petals of our hearts. 
This is a time to elevate and leave behind old patterns, old ways of doing things, and embrace the power and beauty of a new life.


As we welcome the Spring around and within us, we'll journey into the 
blossoming of our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits through rituals, workshops and daily practices devoted to infuse inspiration, freedom and joy so we can feel the world through our hearts and start living a limitless life.


Meet your facilitator


Diego Chiko-MandalAmor

Leader Facilitator

From Cirque Du Soleil artist to a Yogi, a Therapist, an Energy Worker, a Healer, and an international retreat leader, Diego has created this experience to share not only all of his passions and talents of worldwide studies but a divine inspiration to support your own Medicine, Talent, Strength and Light to help you discover the infinite potential of your own being.


Magic Team


Coco LaLiberte

Master Nutritional Chef

Owner and Creatrix of the marvelous Emporium Cafe in San Marcos, hub of the community and spring of delights for the sensorial experience, Coco brings to the retreat a succulent and unique vegetarian/vegan menu and nutritional desserts to fill our bellies up with exquisit yumminess.


CJ Ananda

Guest Facilitator

Ananda is a renowned teacher of yoga, dance and meditation. She has combined her joy of these self-healing therapies with her experience as a wellness coach and healing practitioner to create international retreats and trainings.
She's badass.


Stacey Adamczyk

Life Alchemist

Stacey is an International Heart-Centered, Yoga, Meditation, Conscious Living & Holistic Embodiment guide & facilitator. Devoted as a space holder for powerful transformational experiences weaving movement, stillness, sound, wisdom teachings & Nature's purest medicine ~ essential oils, Stacey humbly comes to share her sacred teachings.


Coby Hadas

Guest Facilitator

A worldwide traveler, seeker of truth and spiritual liberation. The fusion of his love for Shamanism and his partner Ananda for Yoga blends perfectly, becoming Pura Vidya, a sanctuary of healing and love.


Hawk de la Roca

Song carrier, ceremonialist, yogi, teacher and retreat leader

 Hawk comes to weave together mystical soundscapes that invoke deep relaxation and opens portals to altered states of consciousness and soul activation using sound as a tool to guide us. He creates an atmosphere where everyone can feel free to let go and experience the power of their inner voice to call in their purpose, dreams and magic !

Martha Mankowitz

Empowerment Coach

Martha comes to share her guidance into embodying a regular state of deeper peace and pleasure, through cultivating increased self-love and acceptance, shifting into the self developing of our infinite inner-higher spirit and the direct external reality !



... and more guest teachers to be announced soon !


~    Sample of Daily Schedule    ~


Yoga/Shamanic Breathwork/Meditation/Sound Bath Rising Journey


Energizing Breakfast


Medicine Movement Workshop


Nourishing Lunch


The Art of Chillosophy




Soothing Dinner


Sensorial Evening Experience


~   Embodiment Festival   ~

March 18th  -  21st

To close our retreat with the celebration of Spring and our transformation on the highest note, we'll be joining the
happening literally next door to dance and celebrate for 2 days with international DJ's, artists and facilitators at the

An unforgettable experience ! 


~     Pricing    ~

$1111 USD*



The price includes all retreat activities, workshops, 3 meals a day and a 2 day pass for the EMBODIMENT FESTIVAL on the 20th and 21st

*This price does not include the lodging.


~     Accommodation     ~

We have 13 beds on premises.

1 Hobbit House: Sleeps 2 for $40/night/person

1 Bamboo Cabana: Sleeps 3 for $40/night/person

8 Cozy Fully Furnished Tents for $25/night/person

If desired, extended accommodation during the retreat and for the weekend in our neighbor retreat space can be arranged


For any inquiries and/or reserve your spot with a 50% deposit, please contact Diego by :

Whatsapp : +52 55 43756641
E-mail : chikomandalamor@gmail.com

Direct deposit via PayPal to:



ॐ नमः शिवाय


A final word from your Facilitator Diego

I believe that these challenging times are inviting all of us to believe deeper in the beauty of our hearts, in the medicine, strength and power of our own light.

This retreat is more than only an invitation to experience a week of beauty and healthy practices, it is also an invitation to transform your life for the rest of it and to completely support the journey of growth and shine of your unique higher self.

My mission in this life is this one, here, now, with you, TOGETHER.


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