7 Day

Silent Plant Medicine



A simple yet powerful space to dive into the beauty of silence, nature and medicine master plants among a beautiful field of healing arts.

A 7 day immersion to dive into the embrace of silence, personal reflexion, creativity and awareness
from a deep space of connectivity and

sacred ritual.



~   January  31st   -  February  7th   ~


7 day immersion

in a sanctuary diving 
into the arts of

healing, ceremony



in a precious



Tzununa  -  Lake Atitlan  -  Guatemala

Located at Casa CobAnanda


Why is this retreat meant for

your spirit ?

If you've found yourself on a quest, a search and perhaps even in a journey to discover and being discovered by the deep arts of healing, silence and the depth of the sacredness of sound, energy, movement, shamanism, breath and the healing properties that lies within this gifts, this retreat is meant to be embraced by you.

Diving into this experience and having the Master Plant Medicine as our allies we intent to immerse into the unraveled healing skills that lies within yourself.

This retreat is unique in its nature and facilitated by the most skilled and wonderful teachers in this arts.


Meet Your Team


Diego Chiko-MandalAmor

From Cirque Du Soleil artist to a Yogi, a Therapist, an Energy Worker, a Healer, and an international retreat leader, Diego has created this experience to share not only all of his passions and talents of worldwide studies but a divine inspiration to support your own Medicine, Talent, Strength and Light to help you discover the infinite potential of your own being.



Hawk De La Roca

 Hawk comes to weave together mystical soundscapes that invoke deep relaxation and opens portals to altered states of consciousness and soul activation using sound as a tool to guide us. He creates an atmosphere where everyone can feel free to let go and experience the power of their inner voice to call in their purpose, dreams and magic !



CJ Ananda

Founder of Casa CobAnanda, Ananda is a renowned teacher of yoga, dance and meditation. She has combined her joy within this self-healing therapies into the mastery of wellness coaching and a powerful healing practice where she creates and helps international retreats and trainings all around the world.



Coby Hadas

A worldwide traveler, seeker of truth and spiritual liberation. The fusion of his love for shamanism and his partner Ananda for yoga blends perfectly to create and give birth to Casa CobAnanda, where Coby hosts and leads as well transformational retreats, sacred ceremonies in this sanctuary of healing and love.



~  Schedule Sample  ~

January 31st

Retreat Guidelines
Fire Ceremony
Opening of Silence

Feb 1st
Lemongrass Cleanse

Feb 2nd

Huachuma Medicine Hike
Sound Bath

Sweat Lodge

Feb 3rd
Yoga ~ Meditation 
Sound Healing & Frequency Science  
Sound Bath

Feb 4th

Yoga ~ Meditation
Ayahuasca Ceremony

Feb 5th
Integration Day
Thai Massage ~ Quantum Healing

Ayahuasca Ceremony

Feb 6th  
Conclusion of Silence
Sharing Day
Spa Self Care Day

Feb 7th
Cacao Closing Ceremony


~     Pricing    ~

$1444 for Shared Room

Accommodations with 3 Delicious Vegan Meals per day including all retreat activities and workshops.

3 Master Plant Medicine Ceremonies

For any inquiries and/or reserve your spot with a 50% deposit, please contact Diego by :

Whatsapp : +51 991 428 154
E-mail : chikomandalamor@gmail.com

Direct deposit via PayPal to:



ॐ नमः शिवाय


A final word from your Facilitator Diego

I believe that these challenging times are inviting all of us to believe deeper in the beauty of our hearts, in the medicine, strength and power of our own light.

This retreat is more than only an invitation to experience a week of beauty and healthy practices, it is also an invitation to transform your life for the rest of it and to become and embrace the healer that you already are.

My mission in this life is this one, here, now, with you, TOGETHER.