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An ode to the Burners - )'( - A Burning Man flashback

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

...           We finally have come to the week of the year were many of us are making our way into a place deep into the desert, into a land beyond rules and regulations, where dreams seem somehow, to come into reality. A dream land; a place where you can loose and also find yourself, a place where you can find the missing pieces of your own puzzles to perhaps feel complete again, inspired, transformed and even healed. A place where you can literally burn away among the flames of rituals, art installations, fire pits and mutant vehicles riding loose day and night your demons and your shadows; you light and love and flesh and sometimes even a part of your spirit too. A reality that will expose the hidden places of your mind that does not let you sleep at night; your memories of sorrow and sadness that still drag their own weight upon your shoulders. Days, weeks, months an even years of "Carry on" luggage you didn't even know it was still there, adding some extra pounds into your heart.  Made for this place to let them go and break you apart so light came come through.

Inner child - BM 2017

Perhaps you know of what am I talking about, perhaps you don't. But if you do, if you have been at this astral field of fairy tales and wild crusades, if you've felt, lived and burned away a part of yourself, you sorrow, your joy, your tears and laughs on nights of blasting sounds and furious dancing, raging, howling with your soul to the wild night while riding onboard of pirate ships, surfing through dust storms celebrating life with bottles of champagne until the beats of a new dawn rises, , tasting the heat of a wildfire beating in your heart surrounded of hundreds, thousands of people celebrating a new dawn. If you have listened as well to the silent desert breeze, the lullaby of the sacred offerings in a temple filled up with stories among the walls, with the thousands of memories of all of those who've left a trace in our wild lives, good and bad, light and heavy; stories blasted on each corner that touch deeply your soul and heart just by reading them. A place to be silent, to be still, to find shelter and peace, a temple built for all of us, that belongs to know one, but where we can all find shelter and support; If you have been there... Then you know all of this words, feeling and images, are also yours, belonging to you and I and us all. 

Temple of Juno - BM 2012

I on my side, have so many memories, so many stories of all those years where I headed to The Playa to burn away a part of myself and give birth to a new one; because somehow, after riding for a week among a place that looks more like the most incredible dream but also that feels more tangible and real than any other. Each and every single time I get back to the "Default World", I feel different... As if a part of me is no longer mine but belonging to all of those who contributed to transform it, to renew it, to shape its nature, its original form into a wild unique and unruly spirit. A  part that has come to surface, a piece of soul that was waiting to shine bright and that it is now open.


~ May the dust carry you all burners into what you seek to be transformed on to ~ ~ May the dust guide and bewilder your spirit ~ ~ May you come back renewed and inspired ~ ~ May you all come back to inspire us all ~ ~ And don't forget to take off your pants; you won't need them out there ~ )'(

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