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Plant Medicine Retreats

Our path of enlightenment

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Mind  - Body  -  Bliss

Casa Floresta

A luxurious 5 night retreat immersing in the fields of sacred ceremonies, psychedelics, self care devotional

practices & rituals, healing arts, dance & movement, unlocking the veils to a vibrant

holistic life

Sept  2nd  -  Sept 7th


Lago Atitlán




We invite you to our serene sanctuary nestled by Lake Atitlan, surrounded by breathtaking volcano views where mind, body and spirit converge in a symphony of rejuvenation and self discovery for inner exploration, sacred ceremony and



The magic of
Guatemala & Lake Atitlán

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Healing Therapies
Psilocybin Mushroom Medicine

Microdosing psilocybin mushrooms involves taking a sub-perceptual dose that doesn't induce hallucinations but offers potential benefits such as improved mood, creativity and focus.

Practitioners of this method experience heightened sensory perception, increased energy, and enhanced cognitive function. Some find it helps alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD, as well as noted for promoting emotional stability and mindfulness.



We facilitate a serene and safe environment for the exploration of this medicine, opening to the fields of healing arts to experiencing the benefits of Microdosing while taking part on activities such as

Meditation, Sound Healing Ceremonies

Dance & Movement Medicine guided journeys

Thai - Massage, Qigong & Yin Yoga
Sauna Deep Cleansing Ceremony

Self Care Rituals and Practices

Want to know more about it ?

This retreat is for you if :

  • You're interested in learning about and experiencing depth in Sacred Ceremonies, Psilocybin Micro-Dosing and Mushroom - Cacao Ceremonies.   

  • You're looking for tools to help you heal & rejuvenate in body, mind, heart & spirit.

  • You'd like to learn skills and develop devotional
    Self - Care practices like Movement Medicine, Sacred Sauna Master sessions, Thai - Massage, Sound Healing Ceremony, Yoga, Meditation... and more.


 * All while enjoying your stay on a hidden and luxurious sanctuary in one of the most beautiful places on earth

Where you'll be staying :
Casa Floresta Sanctuary

Casa Floresta is directly on Lake Atitlán located in Pasajcap, between San Marcos la Laguna and Tzununa.

With lake access in a clean and quiet private bay for swimming, Casa Floresta is a beautiful space conducive for this transformational work.

Some accommodations for this Immersion will be available at Casa Colibri next door or with other neighbouring houses, with stunning views of Lake Atitlan.

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How do I get there ?

All you need to know about Casa Floresta
Guatemala, Lake Atitlán

Meet  your  team 

Amelia WildRose

Seasonal Wildfoods Specialist
Movement Medicine

Diego & Amelia

Diego Amor

Ex Cirque Du Soleil
Body-Work Specialist
Sound Ceremony
Holistic Fitness Trainer


and Lana


What's included :

  • 5 Nights Accommodation

  • All Meals  - Delicious Vegetarian Menu -

  • Daily Morning Practices & Workshops  - Yoga - Movement - Dance - Thai - Massage - etc.

  • Daily Paddle Boards & Spa Day

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Ceremonial Night w/ live Sound Bath Ceremony

  • 1 Sacred Sauna Mastery Ceremony & Plant Baths