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        Who am I  ?

                  Ain't that " The " question ...?

Perhaps for now my offerings, images, stories and.         traces of a lifetime can give you an idea.

             I invite you to explore this space.

                               Make it yours

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Empowering our Community

In highest service to the awakening of the human potential, I support people to reach their physical, spiritual and mental wellness, empowering them to live their live to the highest !

I invite you to take a glimps :


~        Sacred Offerings         ~


Private & Group Coaching

Supporting your vision, goals and enhancing your lifestyle with tools and practices to achieve the highest version of your amazing self !


Fitness & Wellness

Committed to guide you to a balanced spiritual and fitness lifestyle, I will help you to fully nourish your body, mind, heart and spirit, all together !

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Healing Therapies

Private, sacred and 1 on 1 session for you to feel held, nourished and taken care with modalities such as in person massage sessions to distanced energy quantum healing.


Meditation & Breathwork

In person and virtual sessions where we'll dive into a sacred space of deep awareness and connection with yourself and all around you.

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Diving deeper into the great mysteries of the human realms and the pathways that connect us with nature, I'll guide us to explore them together.


Global Retreats

Collaborating worldwide with communities and collectives to bring all of this offering together. Join, be part of or host with me our transformational visions !


Personalized  Programs

Looking for something specific that will transform your life and bring you closer to your visions and goals ? 
Specialized into help you achieve it all !


Workshops  &  Performances

With over 15 years of experiences in acrobatics, flow arts and worldwide performances & workshops, offering my services for festivals, events, galas and more !


Arts & Crafts

Looking for original traditional art pieces 100% handmade ?
Also loving the ancient roots and it's arts, I love sharing with the world the ancient art of mandala weaving.


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