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Within the Time and Space in between the notes, there is a calling from the deep.
A wild & untamed spirit, longing for freedom, fire and peace.
It is your SACRED & TRUE nature,
calling your name to the 4 winds.

Diego & Amelia

I'm  Diego Amor

About me

I dedicate myself to help you find and craft the most sustainable balance in your life between your heart, mind, body and spirit.

From holistic healing and spiritual practices such as Meditation, Sound Ceremony and Yoga to grounding and nourishing foundations in Nutrition, Fitness, Massage Therapy and Medicine Movement, I come in to provide the tools to support your journey in becoming the most fit, present, healthy, strong and light version of yourself.

My Mission

~   Empowering YOU to GROW beyond   ~

In highest service to the awakening of the human potential, I am here to support you to reach the highest physical, spiritual and mental potential, empowering you to discover and enhance your hidden and unlimited strength and light within.

I invite you to take a glimps :

        Sacred Offerings         

Momentom Collective

Private & Group Coaching

Supporting your vision, goals and nourishing your lifestyle with tools and practices to help you achieve the highest version of your amazing self !


Fitness & Wellness

Committed to guide you to a balanced fit & spiritual lifestyle, I will help you to fully nourish your body & craft the balance between your mind, heart & spirit !

Sunrise Dance

Healing Therapies

1 on 1 session for you to recharge.
Thai - Massage & TCM
Somatic Deep Tissue & Swedish

Shamanic Energy Cleanse


Meditation & Breathwork

In person and virtual sessions where we'll dive into a sacred space of deep awareness and connection with yourself and all around you.



Diving deeper into the great mysteries of the human realms and the pathways that connects us with nature, I'll guide us to explore them all together.

Casa Floresta Retreat

Global Retreats

Collaborating worldwide with communities and collectives to bring all of this offerings together. Join, be part of or host with me our transformational visions !


Personalized  Programs

Looking for something specific that will transform your life and bring you closer to your visions and goals ? 
Specialized into help you achieve it all !

Duo Acro

Workshops  &  Performances

With almost 20 years of experience in acrobatics, flow arts, worldwide performances & workshops, I offer my services for festivals, events, galas, private & group lessons and more !


Arts & Crafts

Looking for original traditional art pieces 100% handmade ?
In love with the ancient roots and its arts, I love sharing with the world the ancient and sacred craft of mandala weaving.


Get in touch :


Wattsapp #
+52 55 4761 1489
E-mail :

Next Retreat Dates :

A Luxurious Psychedelic Experience

Sept 2nd - 7th

Lake Atitlán ~ Guatemala

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